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MSK's Biography

Michael S. Knezevich (NPA), was born of a Croatian Father, Mexican Mother and raised in the Southside of Chicago, an area some might refer to as the ghetto.  At the age of 17, upon graduating high school MSK enlisted in the United States Marine Corps during the final three years of the Vietnam War.  After that war ended, he obtained his FAA Private Pilot Certificate at the Marine Corps Air Station New River’s Flying Club prior to his honorable discharge.  MSK’s discharge ceremony was complete with a Meritorious Mast and other Distinguishing Recognitions, presented by the Commanding Officer, USMC Colonel Donald E. Schaet, before the entire Headquarters & Services Company, the same afternoon MSK was discharged from active duty service.

Reentering the civilian world MSK continued his formal and flying education, ultimately obtaining three college degrees, all with honors, and his FAA Instrument Flight Instructor Certificate for single and multi-engine aircraft.  He obtained the FAA’s highest Certificate rating, Airline Transport Pilot in Jet Aircraft, shortly after his 21st birthday, the minimum age requirement allowed by law.

Over the next two decades, MSK served as a Regional Commuter Captain, Corporate Captain, and Flight Instructor for Flight Safety International.  It was in the early 1980’s he took on a second job as a South Houston Reserve Police Officer.  In 1986 MSK was hired by the United States Department of the Treasury as a Federal Agent and Pilot for the U.S. Customs Service, flying their drug intercept aircraft along the U.S. – Mexico border.  His final position with the government was that of a Supervisory Federal Agent, second-in-command of the Drug Interdiction Operations Center located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Finally, in the interest of full disclosure, despite having a distinguished career in law enforcement, MSK experienced the opposite side, the dark side of the criminal justice system.  Arrested, handcuffed, his face was violently pushed into the trunk of a patrol car by a Sheriff’s Department lieutenant.  He was beaten with a metal flashlight by another deputy.  Although MSK will be the first to support law enforcement’s efforts and tell you that most officers, prosecutors, and judges follow the letter of the law, there is a small percentage that does not, and when this happens you must fight back with everything you have available.  Now, MSK experienced firsthand the incompetence and or corruption of the Police, the Defense Attorney, the Prosecuting Attorney’s and to his dismay even the local county Judges.  Almost two decades later MSK remains in civil litigation as a pro se litigant for the civil wrongs committed against him as a result of his arrest, prosecution, and the seizure of his personal property.  One matter has already been resolved in Federal Court with a favorable jury verdict for MSK, the jury awarding him $450,000.00 in damages.

Presently retired and living on a fixed social security income, MSK explores the opportunity to work once again with the United States Government, but most importantly, this time for “The People of America,” in the capacity of Congressman for Florida’s 12th Congressional District, starting with the 117th Session of Congress, hopefully replacing the Honorable Gus Bilirakis (R) who has served since 2007.  If you are unaware of any significant change for the better within your community or your personal life that Congressman Bilirakis’s legislative efforts and policies have produced, perhaps it is time for a change.  MSK hopes you agree with his platform and ideas for the long-needed, practical changes in the manner our governmental branches, Federal, State, County, and Local operate, and will support his hiring to Congress by casting your vote for MSK, Michael S. Knezevich on or before election day 2022, 2024, 2026 and every two years thereafter.

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